Tank Size

Natural Habitat of betta fish is the shallow streams and rice paddies of Thailand.  ‘Shallow stream’ does not mean ‘bettas can live in a jar’. A shallow stream still has plenty of space to swim! Give your betta as much as possible personal space. A 2 gallon tank is a good size for one male betta (but the bigger the better). Never keep you fish in a small vase or bowl.

Water Temperature

In Nature they live in the tropical waters of Thailand (formally Siam). It is best to keep them in the high 70s deg F (77 – 79F).  Never keep your betta fish in cold water. Do not use a heater on a tank <1 gallon. Heaters on small tanks will heat too quickly which may harm your fish.

Water Level

Betta is a labyrinth fish – they use a special organ to breathe air from the water’s surface. Try to leave some space at the top of your tank for the fish to come to the surface for air. They need this time to time. If you fill the water to the top, make sure there is a lid since Betta fish can be good jumpers!


In natural habitat wild betta fish are from still waters. Use a gentle filter. This will keep up the water conditions longer and the tank cleaner. Resulting in fewer and smaller water changes. We still encourage for frequent water changes.

If you keep your betta in a tank without a filter. You have to make frequent and large water changes. Dirty water is the cause of stress which results in many diseases.