About us

This is a family owned business. I have been aquarium hobbyist for more than 40 years. My favorite is always planted aquariums. Pictures are my 60 gallon. It is heavily planted to host some of my bettas. I started breeding bettas in the beginning of 2015. I do not like culling the defected betta babies like other betta breeders. That’s why we do not trim our plants to house them safely as a community, and let them live as long as they are supposed to.

If you look at to the pictures carefully, you can see some of 2 years old defected bettas. I like them a lot. They live happily.

This year I have imported some bettas to select good pairs to breed. And selling the extra ones. I love bettas and I want everyone find out how beautiful creatures they are. I already started breeding. I will share some videos soon. Hopefully on the next pair there will be some live streaming, too. I may limit selling to some destination between January – March due to cold weather conditions. Then you will be able to buy our beautiful babies, defected ones will go to our planted aquarium, anyone who interests the defected ones can get with paying shipping charges only.

This is my hobby / business.

That’s all for now. I am here to Spread The Betta love!

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