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How to Play with your Betta Fish

Make the Aquarium more fun!

Add objects to the bottom of the aquarium. The fighters are extremely curious and love to explore new things, as well as having places to hide and rest: you will make people happy by furnishing the aquarium.

You can choose special aquarium accessories or objects which can be easily cleaned, which will not disintegrate and which are non-toxic. If it’s small enough and clean, you can put it in the aquarium!

There are a large number of accessories for aquariums. Install at least one artificial plant for your fighter can hide and rest. Do not overload the aquarium either: your fish should be able to swim without problems.

Add floating toys or a small fishing buoy. Again, do not put too much, because the fighters need to come into contact with the air regularly.

Clean the toy before placing it in water. If you want, you can also put a small ping-pong ball as their toy.

Watch them play! Some fighters have fun walking it on the surface of the aquarium. If yours does not get started immediately, it does not matter: give them time to get used to it. Then, it could play.

Betta in a Jar By thanyathornS

Give them live animals to eat from time to time to entertain them. We can easily find worms in pet stores that they will hunt with relish.

Feed it in a balanced way. Too many treats are not good for your health, but you can give them some from time to time. If you give them too much to eat, they risk getting sick!

Play with your fighter.

Slide your finger along with the aquarium glass. Are they following you? Often, knowing that you are the one taking care of them, they will follow your finger.

Try to make them follow different paths. Can you make them do a somersault?

Teach them to eat you in the hand. When you feed them, make them see you and understand that you are feeding them and once he is used to it, leave your hand over the water while they eat. Little by little, you will be able to hold the food between your thumb and forefinger a short distance underwater.

To motivate them, give them something they especially appreciate. If you hold a worm or insect just a little above the water, it can even jump to reach it!

Man playing with Betta By ilove

Teach them to swim (or even jump) through a hoop.

When your fighter is used to swimming through the hoop, you can gradually lift it until it barely touches the surface of the water. With enough training, you can teach them to jump through the hoop to get a treat.

Be careful not to feed it too much! A few treats as a reward are okay, but if you give them too much to eat it can get sick or even die.

Teach them to show off their fins showing them a mirror. Show their reflection to your fish for a few seconds: they will believe that there is another fish in the aquarium and as the fighters are very territorial, they will show them their fins to impress them. Not everyone approves of this practice.


It is better to avoid petting them, as this can remove the viscous layer that protects them and expose them to diseases. Likewise, never touch them with dirty hands, as bacteria are easily transmitted by simple contact.

Never put objects that can disintegrate or partially dissolve in the aquarium, such as colored pebbles for example. These items may contain poison or poisonous products that could make your fighter sick or even kill them.

Cat playing around with red Betta By Bagus Wahyu Rianto

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