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Suitable Betta Fish Companions

If you have sufficient room in your betta fish tank (i.e. greater than five gallons to ten gallons would be is better) its a natural thing that you should want to add some other fish for companions. While betta fish are generally territorial (and, they could fight with any type of fish that you put into their betta fish tank, some fish however, do make much great betta companions than others. Here are a few wise choices for your betta tank.

Remember that you really do need at least a ten gallon fish tank to give your betta fish plenty of room to swim about. If you can afford it a 20 gallon fish tank is even much better. Rasboras. There are lots of varieties of rasboras and red-tailed, harlequin and scissortail. There’s also many clown and pygmy rasboras which are all pretty good choices for a betta fish tank.

Cherry barbs

These types of betta fish (possibly except for the clown rasboras) do school so it’s best to get about six of them to keep them extremely healthy and happy.

Rasboras don’t generally grow much larger than about two inches in length. And many don’t grow much larger than that.

These varieties are very pretty and gorgeous to look at. You will be happy with these ones because they will easily complement your betta fish tank. It’s always exciting and lovely to watch a small school of fish and it makes a nice compliment to a single betta fish.

(1)Angel fish
(2) Cory catfish
(3)Coolie loaches
(5)Glass catfish
(6)Small barbs

Finding a suitable companion

The above list is just a starter for you. Now, here is how you can tell if another fish would be a suitable companion for your pet betta

Swimming habits — It’s always good to choose a fish that has very similar swimming habits to your own pet betta. For example: a fish that constanly swims around near the surface of the tank will almost always cause you some problems.

Fish like these type could be considered to be fish like tropical freshwater fish sharks along with a variety of hatchet fish. Temperature control — Always select fish that prefer a bit warmer water than the average tank fish. If your betta fish is happiest swimming around at about 80 degrees (or at a minimum 78 degrees) select a fish that will be the happiest at that warmer temperature.

Betta Fish Require The Correct PH Balance

Fish that are cold water fish and probably won’t suit are Goldfish, and really would not make an excellent companion for your pet bettas. The problem here is: either your your goldfish is going to be hot most of the time, and your pet betta will probably be cold most of the time.

Betta fish pH needs — Betta fish are normally easy to look after when it comes down to the right pH balance. Usually most types of other community fishes will not give you a problem in this area. However, it’s always goog to check first.

varieties like “discus fish” for example, prefer slower and gentler currents along with warmer temperatures like bettas do. When you consider this they would more than likely make excellent tankmates until you consider the pH range. But discus fish prefer a pH range somewhere around 6.5 or even a bit lower. This ph range will make it very difficult for your pet betta fish so you need to think about this carefully before choosing a suitable tank mate. You can find other helpful advice about water filters heaters.

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