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My beta, Darious
So I got a beta from petco a while back. He was very dull in color and kept in those little bowls. I bought the little dragon scale and I’ve been spoiling him since, he’s now bright in color with blues and silvers and a little black mostly and is very curious. His tank is in the kitchen and he follows us around and watches us. He poses for pictures sometimes and does the funniest stuff. He sometimes swims to the bottom of his tank then floats up to the top stretching out his fins. Also being the curious little guy he is when I put I show on my phone he’ll watch it with me. I think he’s funny and cute and I love him. Hoping to get him into a bigger tank soon. ❤

Betta fish are very unique animals, they are very hardy and not to mention beautiful. I’ve owned betta fish since I was little but only recently have I started taking better care of them. From my time in caring for bettas I have noticed every fish has a special personality and they are very smart and loving. They can learn tricks and even recognize people! I love my betta fish!