Betta Fish

Male Koi betta Fish
Male Koi Betta Fish


The most common name for these species is “Betta fish“. Also, they are known as either the Fighting fishSiamese Fighting fishBetta Splendens, or Bettas. Don’t get confused by all of these names! They’re still the same fish that we all know and love. You can buy the best ones here. :)))

Origins of Bettas

Wild bettas usually occupy the tropical waters of Siam (now known as Thailand) – in rice paddies and small fresh water streams. Probably in shallowest waters. They eat tiny crustaceans, insect eggs and larvae, usually hunted from the water’s surface. Because they are very good hunters, if you work a little, you can teach them to jump out of the water to get their food from your hand.

The betta fish you see in the pet stores today are not even close to the wild ones, which are much duller. They do not have long flowing fins. It’s considered a territorial and a fighting instinct that has always been in their genes. They will fight any other fish that poses as a threat – in the wild, these fights would last a few minutes and be over when one fish chooses to retreat.

Domestic Betta Fish

Betta fish are no longer dull. Due to selective breeding they are now vibrantly colored and have beautiful long fins – making them a popular choice of a pet fish. The selective breeding of betta fish started long ago in Siam to increase their aggression, fight length, and territorial instincts. Here is the golden rule on bettas:

Never put two MALE Bettas in the same tank.

It is not JUST male betta fish we’re talking about, you must think carefully about which fish are suitable with each other. Now, you may know why they get the name ‘fighting fish’.

How long do they live for?

While a domesticated one’s life span is less than 4 years, up to 6 years is achievable. The world record is 10 years! In conclusion, we hope you will get all the information you need from this website. Therefore you will provide the longest, healthiest, and happiest life to your fish. When it comes to buying any fish as a pet, rely on the wild instead. In this case, nature.